Get Reliable Building Inspections in Auckland from Our Professional Team

If you need reliable building inspections in Auckland, let us present our team. With years in both the inspection and construction industries, we know precisely what a home should look like when it’s in good condition. Choose Hawkeye House Inspections and leave no stone unturned before you make your decisions. …read more

Choose Our Team if You Need Services for Drug Testing Houses in NZ

If you need a team that can provide you with services for drug testing houses in NZ, you have come to the right place. We offer years of experience, excellent variation in services, and knowledgeable professionals that will help you make informed decisions. Choose Hawkeye House Inspections and know precisely what you should expect. …read more

Trust the Hawk to Have Your Back with Our Building Reports in Auckland

When you are ready to make one of the most significant investments in your life, you want Hawkeye House Inspections to bring you confidence in your purchase with our building reports in Auckland. The hawk sees everything, even elements easily missed if you lack the required skill and knowledge of the building trade. …read more

Trust an Independent Party for House Inspections in Auckland

House inspections in Auckland are required to prevent you from investing in a property with hidden faults. Whether you’re acquiring a new home, a rental or boosting your property portfolio, you don’t want a problematic building on your hands. Hawkeye House Inspections is an independent, reliable property inspector with …read more

Top Class Home Inspections in Auckland

Are you purchasing a home in Auckland? Whether it is an investment property, a commercial building, or a family home, the last thing you want is to buy what might turn out to be a hole in the pocket by not taking advantage of all the options available to you beforehand. Make sure before you sign on the dotted line …read more

Trust Us to Carry Out Professional Rental Inspections

Rental inspections are essential for both property owners and tenants. With the threat of meth labs popping up everywhere, it’s a concern for families, investors, landlords and tenants. Obtaining rental reports from an independent property inspection by Hawkeye House Inspections provides all interested …read more

Professional Residential Asbestos Testing in Auckland

Have you ever considered having your house subjected to asbestos testing in Auckland? Was your home built in the eighties or before? Did you know that many houses built well into the eighties still contained significant amounts of asbestos? …read more

Pre-purchase Building Inspections in Auckland Minimise Your Risk

Buying a home is a joyful moment and Hawkeye House Inspections want to prevent this feeling from fading, through comprehensive pre-purchase building inspections in Auckland. Our pre-purchase property inspection is the initial step …read more

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