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Professional Residential Asbestos Testing in Auckland

Have you ever considered having your house subjected to asbestos testing in Auckland? Was your home built in the eighties or before? Did you know that many houses built well into the eighties still contained significant amounts of asbestos?

It is widely known today that asbestos is dangerous. Still, in years gone by, it was a popular product used in a multitude of residential applications, from pipes and plumbing to cement, paint, ceilings and much more.

At Hawkeye House Inspections, we carry out a wide range of home inspection services for our customers across Auckland, including pre-purchase home inspections, non-invasive damp and moisture testing, methamphetamine testing, and home asbestos testing.

Prevention is better than cure and having your home tested for the presence of asbestos, especially if it’s an older home dating from the mid-eighties or before, should be a priority to prevent the many serious health issues associated with this highly controversial material.

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What You Should Know About Domestic Asbestos Testing

Did you know that the moment you start a renovation project in New Zealand, your property is legally required to undergo professional asbestos testing? From the moment that you begin a renovation, you are legally classified as a Person Conducting Business or Undertaking, meaning that you become responsible for the safety of any person, including tradespeople, friends and relatives, that come onto your property.

  • Asbestos is a fine fibrous silicate substance that was very popular for use in millions of products in the ’60s and ’70s. It was used in many applications in almost every home before its banning in 1978.
  • Despite the ban on asbestos in 1978, most retailers continued to sell off the remaining asbestos-containing stock that they had on hand, and you will still find it in many homes built well into the mid-eighties.
  • The most common domestic uses for asbestos was in ceilings, insulation, roofing, cladding, window putty, flooring, vinyl, heating ducts, water heaters, pipe insulation and boilers. This means that many of our homes may well contain asbestos without our knowledge.
  • Asbestos, even in small amounts, is known to cause many lung-related diseases, including a particularly nasty form of lung cancer. If, for instance, an old and deteriorating ceiling containing asbestos is disturbed in any way, it releases microscopic fibres into the air that by occupants of the home inhale.
  • It is not always advisable, or necessary, to remove asbestos-containing products from homes. It only becomes dangerous once it starts deteriorating and releasing fibres. Even then, there are many other remedies, such as encapsulating it in a thick layer of specialised paint, locking in the asbestos fibres and preventing them from escaping into the air.


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The Importance of Residential Asbestos Testing

One of the main problems with asbestos contamination is that it is not always apparent just by looking at it. You may have an asbestos-containing popcorn ceiling that still looks fine, but unbeknownst to you, is slowly releasing microscopic asbestos fibres into the air, exposing your family and significantly increasing the likelihood that one, or all of you could become sick.

  • Popcorn ceilings were all the rage in the ’70s and ’80s, and many homes still sport them. Unless your ceiling is visibly deteriorated and flaking, the only way to determine if it poses a danger to your family is via a popcorn ceiling asbestos test. Our professional asbestos testing service will provide you with all the information that you need to decide the best course of action.
  • Asbestos-containing roof insulation products, although banned along with other asbestos products in 1978, was also still installed in homes across Australia well into the eighties. While it is more than likely that the insulation has been replaced since then, there may still be significant contamination present in your ceiling. Our comprehensive house asbestos testing service will alert you to the presence of all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in your home.
  • Our professional team of inspectors will furnish you with a comprehensive asbestos survey report, which will highlight the presence or absence of asbestos in your home, detail the associated risks, and make recommendations on the available courses of action. We can also make recommendations concerning suitable asbestos removal companies.
  • Should your house contain ACMs and a tradesperson, friend, or someone in your family does suffer health complications as a result, you run the risk of being found negligent. You can even be held liable for the medical treatment costs of the affected person, not to mention civil claims that may be instituted against you.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is not something people often see or think about, and despite its bad reputation there are many misconceptions about ACMs and overlooked possible consequences for you should your home contain asbestos products or be contaminated with asbestos fibres.

  • Like most people, you have probably never even considered the possibility that your house may contain asbestos, much less be contaminated. The fact is that if your home was built either in or before the eighties, the chances are that it contains asbestos. Our certified asbestos inspector will determine whether there is asbestos in your home or not, and what the associated dangers are for your family.
  • Most people contend that they cannot reasonably be held liable for damages if they were not aware that their house contained asbestos. Regardless of whether you were aware or not, chances are you will be held responsible. Should a tradesperson contract asbestos-related health problems during or after working on your house, he may sue you. Ignorance of the law is not considered a viable excuse.
  • If you do find ACMs in your home, you should never, under any circumstances, try to remove it yourself. Because of the fibrous nature of asbestos – especially old and deteriorated asbestos – you are likely to worsen the contamination in your house by loosening fibres in the removal process.
  • It is not always necessary to remove ACMs. There are other options when it comes to ensuring the safety of you and your family in a home that contains these substances. Depending on the condition of the ACM, it may be advisable to encapsulate it in a layer of paint rather than removing it.
  • You cannot simply discard asbestos-containing materials in a skip bin along with your other waste. There are strict regulations pertaining to the proper discarding of ACMs. Getting a professional asbestos removal company to do the job is the best course of action.

What You Can Expect From Hawkeye House Inspections Regarding Asbestos Inspections

With over 40 years of experience in the building and construction industry, we know exactly where to look when conducting your asbestos house inspection. As a certified asbestos building inspector, we will find the asbestos wherever it may be and advise you accordingly, by providing you with a comprehensive asbestos inspection report.

  • Our inspectors are highly experienced, fully trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of building and construction, and fully compliant with all New Zealand building codes. If there is asbestos on your property, they will find it. Their training has furnished them with extensive knowledge on which products the use of asbestos was prevalent, enabling them to seek out all the likely ACM candidates in your home.
  • Our asbestos reports are comprehensive and transparent, written in plain, straightforward English, making them easy to follow. In addition to detailing what we’ve found, we will outline the potential dangers to you and your family and make recommendations as to the various courses of action available to you.
  • Our reports are fully NZS 4306:2005 standard compliant, adhering to all the requirements of the New Zealand Standards Authority, and thus admissible in all proceedings of the relevant housing tribunals and court.
  • When dealing with us, you can expect forthright, no-nonsense customer service of the highest standard. We will keep you fully informed at all stages of the process and report back to you the moment that we receive laboratory confirmation of our findings.
  • We do not let the grass grow under our feet. We offer fast and reliable service, aimed at making your life easier and saving you money over time. We will not waste your time or ours.

What Sets Hawkeye House Inspections Apart Regarding Home Inspection for Asbestos?

We are industry leaders in our field, proudly serving the greater Auckland area with professional and comprehensive home inspections. If you are looking for the best in the industry to inspect your home, you’ve come to the right place. With us you are much more than just another file number.

  • We offer a wide range of home and commercial inspection services. Whether you are buying an investment property, a commercial building, or a family home, we will make sure you know exactly what you are buying. If you are worried that your prospective property was used as a methamphetamine laboratory, or if you want to make sure whether your home contains any traces of asbestos, we are the company to call.
  • We are detail-oriented. With our extensive background in the building and construction industry, we look at your property through a builder’s eye, picking up those hidden details that often go unnoticed during home inspections. From hidden damp to flaws in the workmanship and potential asbestos contamination, we don’t miss a thing.
  • We offer a confidential and independent service. We are not affiliated to any banks or estate agents and report only to you, the person paying for the inspection. Rest assured that you will receive an unbiased and honest, understandable inspection report that accurately reflects the current state of your home and offers advice on required remedies.

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