Meth Testing

Is P testing still warranted?

Yes. New Zealand’s most dangerous drug is invisible and residue from the cooking process presents a serious health risk. The chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine are toxic and can linger a long time after the cooking process. It pays to make sure you’re not buying into it.

Meth is serious. With the number of meth labs across the country, you do need to test. Meth affects families, investors, landlords, tenants and property managers. Worried about meth residue in your home or rental property? Get a meth detection test.

Methamphetamine (meth) is, quite simply, a poison. Dr Jackie Wright of Flinders University in South Australia says their studies have shown quite consistent health effects in people living in houses with meth readings of between 2 and 20 micrograms. These include respiratory problems, eye irritations, skin irritations, allergic reactions, headaches, nausea, insomnia, compromised immune systems and behavioural changes, particularly in children.

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Drug testing houses

75 per cent of all meth labs are found in rental accommodation. Accordingly, New Zealand Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Peter Gluckman, advises that testing and cleaning is the sensible option when there is a suspicion that methamphetamine has been produced on a property.

How much P is too much?

For many, the answer is very simply: zero. According to Whangaparaoa landlord, Ron Goodwin, he doesn’t want any of his tenants smoking P, ever, regardless of the new standards or legislation. It’s your house. The rights of the individual to use illegal drugs shouldn’t take precedence over the rights of property owners of to make sure that their investment isn’t compromised by people who use and manufacture P.

Health risks are only one of the reasons to get meth tests carried out

Meth users as tenants can represent significant financial risks to landlords. If the tenants have to pick between paying the P pipe and paying the rent, the P pipe is most probably going to win out, every time.

Rental inspections

Ex-meth labs have to go through extensive clean ups before they are fit for living in again. Avoid these high costs and health risks by not putting yourself in such a situation in the first place. Suspect you may have a meth lab in your rental? Our Warkworth based meth detection service is thorough, extensive and able to detect the residue from a cook.

P contamination testing

P or meth testing is still an essential part of buying, selling or renting any North Auckland home or property. Make sure you’re not buying an ex-meth lab when you buy your next property. Meth testing can detect the residue from the cooking of P.

Cleaner Living Through Meth Testing

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