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Rental inspections are essential for both property owners and tenants. With the threat of meth labs popping up everywhere, it’s a concern for families, investors, landlords and tenants. Obtaining rental reports from an independent property inspection by Hawkeye House Inspections provides all interested parties with a sense of relief.

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Reasons You Require Rental Safety Inspections

 Both the tenant and landlord should do a detailed inspection before the start of the lease and at the end of the rental period. Ideally, the landlord’s representative, a third-party inspector, should be present in both instances to determine the condition of the property before and after occupancy.

  • As a landlord, you are permitted to conduct regular inspections of the property, provided the request is reasonable. After entering into a lease agreement, the landlord is allowed to occasionally inspect the property to determine if the tenant is adhering to the contract. Additionally, it prevents unruly tenants from turning your property into a drug lab.
  • Hiring an inspector to conduct sporadic visits to the property helps maintain its value. Over time, some elements cause buildings to depreciate. An independent inspector, chosen by you, can thoroughly inspect the property and report back on any issues that require repairs to maintain or increase the value of the property.
  • The primary reason for a safety inspection is to guarantee the safety of everyone involved. If your property was used for cooking meth, a mere cleanse isn’t enough to eliminate the remnants of hazardous chemicals. Without an inspection, there is a real threat to the health of incoming tenants. Hence, you require the skills of an inspector to inform you of the true condition of your property.
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The Advantages of Rental Property Drug Testing

There’s no doubt about the effect that meth labs have had on New Zealanders. Landlords have lost thousands of dollars because of tenants who turn their property into P labs. Drug testing is a necessity if you want to protect your investment and the people living on your property.

  • Conducting these tests through a qualified inspector helps to identify traces of illicit drugs around the building. As mentioned earlier, the residue from these harmful chemicals tends to linger and poses serious health risks. However, that risk is reduced immensely by drug testing.
  • After you deliver a healthy ‘report card’ to your future tenants, they’ll be more than happy to settle in, aware of the fact that their new home has been drug tested and free from dangerous chemicals. When you have happy tenants, they tend to stay longer, resulting in a stable revenue stream for you.
  • Ensuring you get the property drug-tested deters potential ‘cooks’ and drug users from trying to lease your building.

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 Our head inspector, Noel Watson, is a licensed building practitioner with over 40 years of experience. This know-how demonstrates the skills and training we’ve undergone through four decades, which gives you peace of mind that you’re dealing with a proper professional. 

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