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Make sure the property you are about to purchase is well built and structurally sound. Signs of moisture intrusion can go undetected and then become structurally damaging and harmful to you and your family. As part of a pre-purchase house inspection, a non-invasive moisture detection test can save you a lot of money and stress by identifying potential problems.

Following New Zealand’s leaky home crisis, property buyers and banks are wary when committing to the purchase of particular types of homes. More and more homeowners are being advised to have pre-sale inspections reports of their properties available for potential buyers.

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What caused so many leaky buildings in NZ?

Most leaky homes in New Zealand were built between 1994 and 2005 when New Zealand building laws permitted the use of some seriously flawed building and cladding systems. As was the architectural trend, complex roof lines, plastered exterior walls, internal decks and small or no eaves were incorporated into certain styles of home. These building and architectural issues were compounded by untreated timber for wall framing, a lack of water-resistant cavity battens in the walls and poor cladding systems.

The result: leaky homes that trapped moisture. Rotting timber left buildings with major structural damage. Other homes and buildings developed moulds and spores, becoming uninhabitable due to the serious health risks they posed.

However, it is not just the homes from that era that can have moisture issues. Shoddy building practices due to Auckland’s building boom and shortage of qualified builders familiar with the New Zealand building code are also causing moisture problems in new homes.

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Non-invasive damp and moisture inspection

To help stop you from making a dangerous buying decision, we offer non-invasive moisture meter testing and full cladding inspection. Our non-invasive moisture detection test will identify potential issues, saving you and your family’s health and saving you a fortune.

Sound building advice

If we detect moisture in your home, we can also advise as to remedial action. With over 40 years in the trade, we understand the building trade and may suggest employing a licensed building practitioner to carry out a re-clad of your property to make it weatherproof and create a healthier, drier environment.

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Don’t Get A Leaky Home, Get A Non-invasive Moisture Detection Test

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